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Four-legged Comfortable Waterproof Winter Coat with Removable Layer



Do you know the dog can catch a cold if the weather is below 45°F i.e. 7°C?

Seeing your beloved pup sick is the worst thing one pet owner can imagine! Please raise your awareness and protect your four-legged friend by buying them a truly comfortable winter coat!

Comfortable four-legged design

Dogs need protection not only on the back but also around their legs! This is the only piece of coat that truly protect your pup's entire body including four legs COMFORTABLY! 

Your pup is our pup, coming from 100% good customer reviews - always beat your expectation

After testing over 20 four-legged coats, we selected this piece as this is the one that fits your pup so comfortably that makes them happy and smile! With elastic on each leg, you can easily it onto your pet while ensuring an extra gripping fit.

It features a sleek design that enhances your pet's natural beauty and a removable waterproof layer inside that keeps them dry and protected throughout the coldest weather conditions.


Model Reference

Model Information Weight Neck  Chest  Back Length Wearing Size Fitness
FaFa 5-Month-Old Corgi 6KG 30cm 40cm 43cm L Fit
Noah 7-Month-Old Jack Russell 7.5KG 26cm 34cm 34cm XL Fit