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Walk Essentials | 'Try'angle | Poop Bag Holder with a Free Roll


Story Behind - "Seasonless", "Effortless Elegance", "Minimal"

In this collection, we wanted to feature a design that is seasonless, minimal, and monochrome. When it comes to the walking essentials, we love singular but strong aesthetics.

It's a design for those with character - never wear something to just be "on-trend". Instead, they know it’s important to feel comfortable with their style and identity.

The name 'Try'angle matches the triangle line of the pattern in sound, also reflects those who look at things from a different angle. 


Poop Bag Holder Details

- Made with durable polyester and sleek shiny black hardware.

- Fits standard Poop Bag Rolls - come in with a free roll of bags (at least 20).

- Pair this with our matching harness, collar, leads and bandana.

- Easy refillable with a zip opening to the back.

- Easy clip to fasten off/on to your favourite lead.

- Room for a few treats too.

- ONE-SIZE: Length 8 cm, Width 5 cm, Height 5 cm.

How to Care

- Machine washable at 30 (handwash when soaking is required)
- Quick-drying material