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Furmily is a membership-only community - as a member you will enjoy private access to Pawderland which provides dog swimming pool, dog training, day boarding, as well as human Cafe & BBQ. It is an ideal place for your pets to play, meet up other fur-iends in the Furmily community and host Burfday Pawty.

Join now for free (usually £100 sign up fees) and invite 5 more friends to get a free Pawtrait photography and surprise gift box!  (offer valid until 31st of Jan. 2021)

Furmily has a professional photography team with the best equipment and many years experience that dedicates in pet photography. You can bring your pets to our London studio for a themed photography set (we provide clothes and cosmetics) or hire the photographer for a special location Pawtrait!

Members will also have the access to the early sales on our online shops including fashionable clothes & toys. You can also bring your pets into our London store where you can try all the clothes in the pet dressing room to make sure they get the perfect fit! We also do customised design for your pets!

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