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Private Membership - Furmily club


When I started Furmily, as you can probably tell by the name ‘fur’ riends family, l’m thinking of building a sweet and warm community. Not just a pet shop, but somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed to take your fur baby in and meet other like-minded people. Personally I’m a big fan of private membership club- l have met so many interesting people and build up my network, also have had so much fun chilling with friends while feeling private and secured. So I’m always very keen to bring this concept to our fur babies! They need to have  a quality social life as well!!!

As we just start this and want to make sure all the existing members having the best service. We will first start inviting some of our loyal customers. You can also referred by an existing member. We are also planning to open the application channel so everyone can apply and we will review all the information every three months. 

Once you are invited, please fill in the form so we could record your information.