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About Us - A Story of Furmily and Fafa

Furmily -  Defining A New Lifestyle of Luxury Pet Shop and 'Fur'riends' Family! 

Furmily is a London based pet shop & community.
Our online shop offers the trendiest clothes & toys that bring so much fun to your pets.
We also have private membership, photography service & pet birthday parties coming soon (post-lockdown)!


Why Furmily?

Meet the Team

FaFa with Founder Madeleine

(Picture - Corgi Fafa Held by the Human Founder Madeleine)

I used to be a trader of an investment bank in London, spending 12 hours every day working in front of six screens with my breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner on the desk. I was lucky to get paid well and live a pretty decent lifestyle at my early 20s, but I wasn't happy, and I felt something was missing strongly. 
Lockdown 2020 spurred me to fulfil my lifelong dream of getting a puppy - a corgi named Fafa ( isn't she adorable?). She has brought me so much bliss and joy from her wagging tail, to fluffy cuddles on the couch, to licking my face to wake up.
Fafa made me realise that despite the UK being full of pet lovers, I couldn't find any high quality trendy clothing for her, or any fun place we can both hang out and whilst capturing our treasured memories. 
That's why I decided to take a leap of faith and make it my personal mission to bring the best pet supplies, the warmest membership community along with lots of happiness and love to every pet lover!
(Picture - our professional photographer Barron)


I grew up and spent most of my childhood with my dog. He had been with the family for more than 10 years before passing away peacefully. At times I still dream of him playing with me on a sunny afternoon, or quietly accompanying me while I am reading.

A pet’s life is short yet precious, and I always hope that I could have taken more pictures. As a photographer today, I want to capture these invaluable moments of pets and help keeping the memories forever.