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Freeze-Dried Beef Pet Treats by FURMILY 40g/100g (2/4/6 Bags Bundle)


🐾 Pamper Your Pets with Furmily Freeze-Dried Beef! 🐾

🥩 Luxury Treats for Dogs and Cats – Give your furry friends the best with our high-protein, grain-free, single-ingredient beef treats!

🔥 100% Natural Goodness – Our freeze-dried raw beef retains nearly 100% of the natural nutrients, ensuring your pets get only the best. No additives, no preservatives – just pure, premium beef!

💪 Boost Appetite & Health – Perfect for picky eaters, these treats increase appetite and are packed with essential nutrients to keep your pets healthy and happy.

🎯 Ideal for Training – Bite-sized and protein-rich, these treats are perfect for rewarding good behavior and training your pets.

💖 Show Your Pets 100% Love – With Furmily, you're giving your fur baby the lifestyle they deserve. Quality you can trust, from our family to yours.

📦 Easy Storage & Versatile Use – Store in a cool, dark place. Use directly as treats, rehydrate at a 1:5 ratio, or grind into powder to mix with their food.

🔍 Product Details:

  • Composition: 100% Beef
  • Analytical Constituents:
    • Crude protein ≥ 80%
    • Crude fat ≥ 2%
    • Crude fiber ≤ 5%
    • Crude ash ≤ 8%
    • Moisture ≤ 5%

🛒 Subscribe and SAVE! – Elevate your pet’s snacking experience with Furmily Freeze-Dried Beef Treats. Because they deserve the best!

Freeze-dried Treats

Feeding Guide

Our treats can be used in various ways to enhance pets' meals.

  • Feed directly as a healthy snack
  • Use as training treats
  • Sprinkle as a food topper
  • Rehydrate to provide flavorful addition to regular pet food