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Freeze Dried Treats Mix & Match Bundle

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Natural Freeze-Dried Pet Treat for Dogs and Cats

100% Natural | 0% Artificial Flavouring & Preservative | Grain-Free

Order a bundle to let your pets try the different meat flavours!

Flavour Choice: Chicken /Chicken Breast / Duck / Quail / Beef / Capelin Fish/Yogurt

Salmon is out of stock!

Please leave a message on the checkout page if you would like to customise your bundle contents, otherwise, we will ship out a selection of our favourite products.

Please make sure you select the bundle with egg yolks if you want to include the one jar of egg yolks in your box.

We also offer Freeze-Dried Treat Bundle Subscription – the perfect way to treat your furry friend while saving more! With our subscription, the bundle you pick for your pets will be delivered to your doorstep every month. Change the meat flavours or cancel anytime!

Freeze-dried Treats

Feeding Guide

Our treats can be used in various ways to enhance pets' meals.

  • Feed directly as a healthy snack
  • Use as training treats
  • Sprinkle as a food topper
  • Rehydrate to provide flavorful addition to regular pet food