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Freeze-Dried Yogurt Pet Treats by FURMILY 50g (2/4/6 Bags Bundle)


Natural Freeze-Dried Pet Treat for Cats and Dogs

100% Natural | 0% Artificial Flavouring & Preservative | Grain-Free

Made with real yogurt, these treats are freeze-dried to preserve their creamy texture and irresistible flavor. Packed with probiotics, calcium, and protein, they offer a healthy and delicious snack for both cats and dogs. The probiotics in yogurt promote a healthy digestive system, while the calcium supports strong bones and teeth.

Perfect for training, rewarding, or simply showing your furry friends some love. 

Freeze-dried Treats

Feeding Guide

Our treats can be used in various ways to enhance pets' meals.

  • Feed directly as a healthy snack
  • Use as training treats
  • Sprinkle as a food topper
  • Rehydrate to provide flavorful addition to regular pet food